Too many times over to ever so much as even begin to be able to count
Attempt to make it all amount to something, anything…
Bring about a fair and honest degree of flair, wicker-chair magnificence – perhaps quite oft upon a deadly knife-edge
But, remember, there really ain’t no such ledge – just you and your seemingly terrifically trained brain, or so they say
Play this particulary painstaking game, let every last bit shroud you entirely – disguised by a serious degree of wanton perfection
There is fire inside of the belly, then there truly is this
A rather sumptuous altogether way with words – construct, impress, never be afraid to drench them all oh so very magnificently
Seems they are willing to place down a pretty penny at one time or other, yet you just won’t care either way
He watched, learned it all from his jet-setting older brother, the far handsomer one, in fact
Knows full well there to be something of a rather fickle albeit difficult recession continuing on its very own travail – about people’s madcap hopes of bringing it right the whole way back – 180•
Stay on track, oh monstrously witty wordsmith of ours
Perhaps it can, and will begin to happen after all
We’ve been to see your roadmap, so go right ahead and trap us all entirely, just please lend us some of that lust-filled fire inside of your rather insatiable belly

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