The trespassing heat of constant hardship abounds, twelve round ulterior bouts of creative make-believe

All of the pain pours miraculously away within and then the bread and circus survival techniques proceed

A handsome room wherein the divulging artistry admits itself to the size of the scene – 10’000 argumentative cigarettes circumnavigate

Elaborate happenings aside concentrated bouts of breathless overindulgences – she tells him that their time is up, that the blurred line of the imaginative divide has been highlighted again

Placed fashionably, universally they’ve been causing themselves to speak in gratifying and decidedly rambling tongues


/welterweight whisperings
/to the entertainment realm, they follow the other person’s definitive lead – replacing their first sight of skin with another such surface till smothered affably dutifully downright spiritually

/suitably translucent, agreeably transparent

/catch-a-kite creativity which bleeds in a roundabout irrational manner, a most insular way and formed from branded, brain-fed, -led fictional tales albeit utterly reshapes the frame of a pair of snapshot beings

/and their dedicated body of bones are excited to sit witness and watch at a nervous glance – a dignified sea of diverging bones dance again

/building a poetic empire as though a piece of borrowed history and all of it ridiculously forged and pushed blueprint toward the point where it bears its multivarious neck and wades its way into suffocating vision