Up at a rather crazy hour in the AM, typing away to his heart’s content
They say that the early bird catches the worm but this particular worm appears all too steadfast in the ground
Come lunchtime he usually starts to feel well and truly spent, the words no longer heaven sent
Ironic really seeing as he hasn’t a dime to call his own, but that’s a different story altogether, one for another days bitch and a moan
All about coming out with the perfect poem, one that cannot but create a stir, bring the respect on home
A linguistic gymnast my arse, he just seems to write what he knows best, the sort of stories nearest and dearest to people, the ones that can’t help but leave you impressed
One hell of a dream, all about being the leanest of the lean when it comes to where his own squat pen rests, less about Heaney, all about carefully acidic words that breath themselves new life through the mouth of this modern day man