Utter prefabrication – lacklustre penetration, and we feel a little mysteriously misplaced aside violently misrepresented Tonight. Don’t you simply think?
In the hidden scheme of things We have been endlessly screaming by the broken-ended brim – scamming and tantalising the other person to the Death of Their Dastard Being.
This shall have to get itself upset and all over u-g-l-y until it is the very last, last chance –
And that gaining is getting itself to standing superficially upright sightly and completely otherworldly pronounced … til, finally, she takes my manly manicured, hipster-steadied hand and dances.
As though it were like no-one else in this whole wide world of sinful sins is willing to watch us anymore.
The pair of us – two peas of a truculently suggestive pod On Out Of Here. There.
Everywhere will do,
thank you kindly little lady of mine. Wine ‘n’ dine midst the panic of a lifetime – these quiet, quiet times have been bleeding midst imperfect protrusion and it feels …
Real all over my creepy-crawly skin …
Now, how’s about another nocturnal stroll into the deepness of
The decisive darkside, baby? Where our minds catch all kinds of contagious kite and invite us all in again.
Yes, sure-as-shit of a Monday-morning blue hue-skied arrival – they are all of the way prepared to pay us all
For our particularly peculiar, nature-arisen sins.
See that tree over there – that is where
I lose my heart, you lose your mind, while I reach that sky, dazzling the break of the line.
Hi, I’m Brian, and I’m about to go Global – all over my toes. Waiting for the Sunshine to clear my mind. To hell and right back.

Matter of fact … towards fiction again
Appears to be that This is the hidden Eclipse, and I will kiss, kiss, kiss
It …

Harder, harder, harder within …

Every single next heart skip, skip, skip.

Cracked torsos and hidden artists – Please, just don’t ask me where I’ve been. This is The Hidden Feeling.