Calm, cool-to-collected, radiance-in-sedation
Tremblesome souls abhor what’s plain mundane

You need to mean outrageously Everything

And he sits to sizeably settle, soak-it-all-in and to see
These fallen water-worked tears are the best kept mistakes ever ready-made
Driven to pained precision in We

Brilliance in progress, this tapestried process has been living, breathing, snaking inescapably, scintillatingly within
Bare-boned skin-naked individuals
And the Super-8 difference shall turn out to make the outlandish difference indeed – focused to purposefully fail

Till bouncing ‘n’ bountifully bringing all of these stop-start heart-retreating, -rending instances back together forever inclined
Forever Say The Hell When

Spell it all out all over a-g-a-i-n
Pen, paper, set the place actively a-fright whilst your gorgeous undergarments fall right by your heavenly side

Grippingly equipped, twisted inside of my manic mind for all of a lifestyle

Simply prey on we, pretty p-l-e-a-s-e

You and I,
settled right by the soiled window-sill Of worshiped split-ego well-wishers
Alone on our own tonight – candlelit glistening amidst this promiscuous tale of two failures

These walls won’t be listening, so they whisper and deceptively say

Kaleidoscopically reaware there we all are – deeper, deeper… dig aside frightfully despair not, for the cold dead of night will figure in the firelight

Every man in sight has played with your worthless eyes
And only then do we get to catch and retrieve, flame the contrived blame and to firsthand tantalised capture at will all of our greatest motherfucking dreams

Peel your reconfigured eyes wide as these shiny-bright skies above, because I gotta fair motherfucking feeling my love for you has transformed itself to perfectly paralyse
All of these tremendous white-lies

My lips hold nothing but uttered… muttered… words of love for thee

Stretched to impress the bones of our orgasmically organic beings

I kneel to pray -prey
Down on my knees don’t speak to me,

-‘Religious’ lady.

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