The person who can walk and talk and can be utmost aware as to every other person’s downfall shall know precisely exactly where these people fail to bare their fruition – it just ain’t looming, rather quite tragically digested via absurdly reprioritised flaws

You shall forever be flawed but attempt and make the difference within til we see… Please

Something from next to gargantuan nothing – you appear to we to be a bitch with lavishly imaginative details configured about one’s high n mighty self

Oh so f**cking incorrect, made a meal of all of it and your family are embarrassed to hear

You with your blonde-locked hair just as true as those who fell into a trap of arrogance aside ass-average promiscuity

Our wails of beer-swilled disapproval because all that we do is drink to cause you to distance yourself, disappear to shrink

That fiancé of yours he fell the farthest though