1 An interrupted girl knows not an utterance of beautiful reckoning, and he has touched her troubled soul too many times to quench that particular remembrance – a thing of hidden bewilderment and she will feel it all for its decidedly disgusting worth

2 Hurts when all that you have come to know of is utter betrayal and at breakneck speed, she stands to satisfyingly sit and touch and feed his sorry soul – yo-yo over-indulgence permitted by he
Predisposed to this sacrosanct and unnatural behaviour by way of imperfect portrayal and unanimously given to him by his very own unfavourable father of yesteryear

3 Steer clear of these paedophiles, oh please
When her bruised and battered ankles and dripping red knees tremble at the quake of further apprehension – he whispers and mentions that all of it is perfectly normal

4 Anything but, really
And a juvenile child’s brand new brain becomes thanklessly accustomed and so suddenly brought back to reckless reasoning – easing itself back to life til it happens again

5 The ladder of hope is lessening its grip at every next corrupt corner bestowed upon her
There appears to be a sickeningly suggestive choke-hold here, and we are, all of us, vividly unclear as to the villain in the piece

6 And at the fourth time of asking, this nauseating week brings with it utter uncomfortable chaos, and he has been undeniably, unspeakably creeping within the inner-between for his whole lonesome worth on earth

7 The domino-effect which will cause a million erring ripples, a million more typically petrified people to feel the same pain rain down upon right round, and all awhile another indescribable man with hardship held for his very best and threatening friend tends to troubling another uninterrupted soul
And poses to solemnly suppose to the entire world (on out there) that he has been… a perfect someone(?)

8 When, really, he has been the devil incarnate with sly time on his deceptive side and another unknowing chosen-child to vilify til all eyes are finally arisen to arrive…

9 By the judicial system, wherein horrendous mistakes of endless ineptitude will be made either way forth forward prioritised
By a nastily concocted wink to the uncertain law-abiding citizens and, then, a treacherously thawed prison-sentence takes place

10 The race is on to save face and that has to count for the sufferers too
Who live by the break of the irredeemable bleed – some people will fail to have all of the luck in this mistakenly misshapen world of ours
About to churn over in their deep-seated graves… and all before they have even been made

11 A flower of power stands wilted and alone in the heat of the summer’s silhouetted sun, entirely forgetful of yesterday’s rancid winds of wrongful reasoning – seems to be the case that she has been listening to her very own prayers

12 Screaming for her parents place of righteous reckoning and final approval
The content lies within the earth of corruption

13 Really, she was buried soon as she turned three years young, still left wondering where has all of her relevance gone(?)