He dressed himself up quite remarkable
First with the fastened shirt, always with the blissfully buttoned shirt: a Polo finest
Next the trousers were cut quite beautiful, as he preferred it to be, to feel absolutely trim and pretty damn elegant, actually
To call him handsome might be spot on the money
Brylcreem plonked altogether organised atop his quiff took him right back in his mind to many a memory-blazing past actor – you name them there they were, a reel of famous scenes occurring on up inside to further the confident streak rented within
For all of one night, the shoes were clean and proper too, real formidable darkened objects with a nice clapping noise as they met floorboard – Blahnik-Man just adored floorboard
He’d be coming upon many a posh plank soon, the Oscars was traipsed in them
Polished as such as was he
First time for everything