That silhouette sparkle near her juvenile eye-line – a quantifiably estranged girl with weapons resounding right by the lie of the law
Some people come at her in their money-enhanced droves and shall forever proceed to feel the inner piece of her trusted peace fall away to recklessly resolute
An astute part of the whole derogatory process and he starts to begin at making mountains from unfashionable molehills again… Whilst she attempts to show him her whole snide world
Sinking, sinking, sinning… nakedly penetrated and somehow bearing the falsest of witnesses to all of these uncontrollable things
‘Til he whispers it in actively nearby, “oh my…”
Perchance might they try and leave her alone this time?
Not gonna happen even if she still persists at praying upon a perched and seriously hypocritical prayer for herself – to finally, inevitably, goddamn downright invitingly fail at falling from sickening grace
Touches his pockmarked face and reimburses his chosen soul via these left-of-centre decisions to imprison herself, ’til left…
Utterly alone