This broken ended assembly of wrought-iron individuals – these people who cater to care for their favourite best nemesis
This is the guaranteeing, generously emblematic process which tends at generally both tentatively making mountains matter again … so simple and soon and suddenly so as when, though!!? Whenever he opts upon climbing against the bristle n’ breeze of these snow-peaked memories
Of his both hers and every else other over-exploratory person who stands massively awkward and entirely, instinctively alone – prone motherblistering pretenders with this past almost-very-nearly-never-forgotten
About to relapse And winding and blinding near these whistlestop winds
And they’ve been caught argumentatively withstanding … aggravatingly attempting both necessarily hoping to make … mediocre yet inevitably magnificent sense again and for one next excellently instrumental time in their adolescent lives
She pierces his face with her razor-blade wit whilst it speaks in venomous tongues
He holds a loaded porcelain gun between his singing fingernails – writer, namely.

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