This whole place seems to be downright tapestried, amounting to something rather amazing – supernatural in fact
Crazy youthful musicians all swarmed in mouthwatering ammunition
If we could only ever bottle this over-exuberance
Take your position and get to go like never before…
This soliloquy flow will need to let itself breathe
Can you not recognise yet that I stored it all within, the precision breathing secretly beneath
Tap your trembling hobnailed feet to the million mile an hour beat, try and recall a far less grandiose time way back when we worked for our every single worth, sensationally strung it along ’til purring on into everyone’s everything
You solemnly sang whilst I finally managed to rather intricately wire both these fledgling and manicured fingers aside my wayward mind to my sophomore guitar
Pour, goddamnit, pour!!

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