She danced as though ’twere as if no one was truly watching – her multi-colour, caressed nature enthusiasm never failed to dampen one whole city’s damn racially derogatory slur

The first black girl to set trepidatious foot inside of the Bolshoi Theatre, spark-infused about to glow resoundingly alight – a cracked bandaged toe … crumpled and bloodied grotesquely reset feet, yet there shall, in fact, be no going back upon her very last fall

Stand pirouette tall and recall every next masterstroke, please
Dash atop them all with passionate glee and, above all else, be dangerously careful

Carries with her a never-say-die attitude, all of it ballerina-brain re-configured at concentrated will … fair blessedly pressed, sugar-coated and spectacularly choreographed amidst/against tremendously interlocked to collude self spirits

She’s nothing but a fully fledged genius and they will whisper her South-Everywhere name – Full Moon winter evening, soon as these teasingly steamed breathes become stressed and prepare their critical selves to take herself up to the Gods of Dance

Eyes on the final prize,

And Lili Gonzalez falls forward to stand forth – a tipped hat to the late Michael Jackson’s crazily spider-webbed influence – at insatiably pirouetted pace

And her kindly smile catches fire in the most amazing way ever witnessed