Whichever way she turned her tremble-some tension-of-tired-torso, it still stood the rest of

The remainder of time/- calling-itself incredibly insane for the Pain+It+Did+Take. “Everybody has their own body and every body shall have its own DanCe…

as our manicured hands imaginatively intertwined and our boisterousMindsUnearthed the time.. to become” — at one

of many, Many, much MORE than (n)EVER-before people of

“Yeah, it’s grand” enthusiasm. See.. what they do is they cause an awful lot of UNREPEATABLE-noise inside of there @poluninink minds/-/
Believing the scheming-of-rhyme to have NOTactuallybeenTooNecessary a thingAnyMORE.

And w-h-y(?) but because… they’ve become selfTrainedandRelativelyEgotistical and Refusing to Infuse

themselves with anything other than — upside down, slightlySkEwEdAwareness. They were presumably prepared even before

Prepared became a thing.