They did something to detach themselves and deserve it again – they even acted low-down and non-judgemental and on UTTER purpose, actually

No such singularity of threat posed, no NOTHING BECAUSE… their cause of commonplace comeuppance just DID NOT WISH to co-exist

Ear-to-ear, they’ve unofficially been riddled with emblazoned upon smiles of jovial-faced radiance and all other daytime timings of tantalised things;

even damn-near drawn their swords at half-mast and AT themselves AND come back —
To belonging again.

Bothered by… nothing at all of any such source of sworn-in secrecy, actually.. which really should bring us ALL OF THE WAY down

To our knees

Entirely, actually: and they might JUST need a minute right there, to dutifully distract AND singularly steer themselves back

In the correct correlation of congregated… ahem, discretion(!)

It’s been.. a masterpiece worth reckoning with: – Mark Her Words, Please – because ALL of them breathe, so damn SPECTACULARLY LOUD sometimes that the beauty cannot even see