We were talking about conversing with ourselves yet again; about the way in which we mannerly strode on in and struck UP our very own aforesaid Conversation. It is

A demonstration in having been… heated beneath the collar and walking, talking.. anyway. “Way we see it they’ve upended their own sense of strength and it feels== rather regular and real.” When

To get tHERE means everything — these homespinning’s of people poised to act passionately as well as … hanging on to survive the life

That gives and gets and takes and makes.. sense of sequential contentment. They did not seem all too CONfused anymore than never before… … that

Pure and sweet state of mitigating l-o-v-e on a shoestring-budget of “must we really…?” Push, shove… it’s a title-defence of epic playfulness AND

.. if they did do the best they could then… “what will it a-c-t-u-a-l-l-y take to i-t-c-h an Upside DownScratch.” Everything, maybe(?)