These kids bring untarnished upon gifts with them

No such shy entities of their homegrown own – of undiluted, undeniably insatiable procedure

And he looks in their born-to-be-free as a quicksilver bird eyes and figures out to realise the real He

Simply, jovially, full to the boisterous brim of breakneck speed brilliance, sitting right here to break these dullard bounds, whilst creating a constant reminder difference within

Release the co-inhabited fear and twist and shout and forever gladly amount – to a preciously pressed war

With gut instinctual words, where the only living poet goes to thoughtfully, thoughtlessly, reside

In a magical manner of speaking at least
To settle and steer it all, ’til puppeteering your imaginative mind

Bespoke and no-one’s done this before
Rest assured he will pour either way forth