We’ve been waiting, oh so silently instigating your rather problematic downfall – one way or another
Rest-assured, this is pure bliss on our unsavoury part
Grace about to be oh so suddenly side-swiped, turned on it’s mind-bogglingly comatosed head entirely
When we get to let ourselves go the terrible distance so as to usurp the Bel Air life right from all of your every soliloquy being
Bench warmers, substitutes extraordinaire, about to stand astutely upright, all too incredibly prepared to half-heartedly snare
Spite an atrociously inept endeavour altogether, perhaps
Yet we do seem to treasure that much longed for look of utter distaste upon your pretty little face soon as you come crashing on down
All of the way round
So you know, these tumblesome pavements were specially made in your honour to transform your once remarkable everything into seriously incredible degrees of nothing
No more strutting your denim-wearing stuff
All in one equally pretty spare-time pirouette pile-drive on the part of ours truly
Putty in an all too flavoursome ten pairs of hands
How’s about you try and dance now!!
Your arch-nemesis finally getting to plough right on through you and your each and every ballerina-bound sister
A legacy about to be perilously besieged – when you no longer get to breathe any kind of a light whatsoever
Job well done, storm weathered
We and our merry band of crazily quixotic brothers, forever and a day mesmerisingly managing to stay the fastidious distance
Permit us this, why won’t you!?
Just meant to be
Say what you like but, rest-assured once more, there’ll be absolutely no coming back from this

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