How shall we endlessly envelope this mountaineering hill of completely procrastination, please!? There will necessarily NEED to be a fine tooth comb run the course of the everlasting width both wit of this writer’s favourite stressed page – wages a most multifaceted word-war; can he really well and truly be as honest as his adolescent mind attempts to forever find… a paragraph – Paradise Lost – that lasts!! Longingly so we do get to eagerly know of its pure raw adultery against aforementioned multifaceted… facetious word… words, whichever really may miraculously manage at magnificently both marvellously mattering!!
The motherfuckingMost – a wickerword, ticker-tape, both tear-strewn parade of toasts all in his most jovial, multicoloured honour… … thy writer’s needlework name and he shall, both can absolutely start at credulously gaining the ability at getting to never blame… anyone else but for
His very own
Worrisome both working
Wartorn, wanton begotten and masterly sworn upon a most frenetic both frantically hostile, stay-awhile page = so very lucratively suggestive, so they say it in mountaineering syllables this one such superior time – posthumous albeit decidedly, both deathly at being
Nervously nauseating, both unashamedly humour-filled…
Filled… f-i-l-l-e-d//With a thousand late-night/early-morning LiquidPills – whiskey please//Start your favourite best ever-stressed
And lately, he’s been waiting, both writing like tasteful crazy… … with his wedding ring refurbished distastefully back upon…The insides of this silly little cheating finger again.Against the face of a most unforgettable page… She plays with her lips midst his fictional twistOf phrase – this is not a phase that they’ve been simply going through, both two together… pushing their bones into glue, these are the ego go-getters//imaginative jet-setters

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