He’s simply been one conscientious, altogether reckless reprobate

The mother-fucking juxtaposition supreme – tuck on in

Intense… drench me entirely, oh please at perilously precious will

I cannot believe my twinned juxtaposition which sits with me to lavishly dine right by these piercing eyes of mine

The fucking thrill will set this peculiarly driven mind a flame, attempt to tame it, I dare you just, if we must…

You sincerely insincere sonuvabitch, you – choose who to hold, who to scald to within a dry-iced inch

Distill these multi-coloured sins of only ever yours set to agonisingly pour atop the worse on out there

For I must need to breathe to learn to hurt those furthest from me…

Wait to see ’til we conjoin at the gladdened arms

To stand and burn the whole damn lot of them

Also-rans to a most detrimentally prioritised point – anointed by the church of deceit

No new feat

Been waiting like clockwork crazy to sit to carcass taste their so suddenly mirror flipped one-eighty degree

Prioritised me

See, I told you that I meant exactly what I said immediately from the beginning

Time to perhaps dip a toe and to sin on in