There’s a moment when the entire thing takes a tumultuous and delicate both fair delicious digression of transformation toward utter … painstaking (TAKING) equilibrium. Perishing PEOPLE sitting in their chosen, SWORN-IN plACES AND DECIDING to deride & TO deceptively REALIGN… … … … … THIS CorkCity RebelRED Skyline- with ordinary eyes.

An unmatched and blessed thing of rare and suggestive proclamation for the professional people ((‘FESS UP TO IT, plEASE!!)) who DEEPLY sweep these COBBLESTONE streets… … with their windswept feet –

With their each of every blue-collar bone$, only of NO WAY HOME ((WHATSOEVER again))

Hardly ever before a thing of such beautiful and TRANSFIXING contrariness – stared and shared autumnally amidst a million/and/one deciphering people OF previoUSly rePRIORITISED EYES

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