It is an utter, utter addiction to words and how they might work, for me at least – the many ways that you can twist it all up in a relatively literary ‘mess’. That’s an aim, for sure. For me, it really does feel quite akin to the literary version of, say, mathematics, I suppose you could definitely say. What I mean is that… if people use words even way more than people use mathematics, you know, to navigate their lives, or explain it away, or whatever ends up suiting them, then I see the whole thing as a kinda Tetris and jigsaw type of endeavour. I mean, yeah, I certainly don’t follow the rule of thumb, let’s say, of the subject matters and themes which run through it all as intensely as how I might end up writing about it, and that’s absolutely owing to my need for a thread of rhyme in my own mind and style more than anything else really, so it was bound to just lead to other far more… intensely descriptive things. I mean, maybe I believe the parts that aren’t just the description of particular characters and their nuances, etc. but there’s definitely a large case of, let’s call it, poetic license going on, I suppose. It’s… everything to me, to my mind. It soothes it in a manner that I’ll never truly be able to explain. And I know what I’ve got and what I can do with it, but maybe it’s more-so right now about simply getting to understand myself and my own thoughts, thought process, etc. That’s rather cool and it certainly feels unique at this stage in proceedings, that I get to, whenever I like, dip right back inside of a poem piece, wherever I might be. In my room, down town, further afield, or just… minding my neighbour’s dogs like right this minute. Tuesday morning, OCD lightly trying to take hold of the imbalanced uncertainty and doubt going on in my brain, like it has been doing the past however many decades it is. Titles are a huge thing for me, too, in that watching Netflix is all well and great, but reading the synopsises and even just browsing these director’s choices of titles means almost everything to me, too. Yeah, that’s it. It’s an attempt on my behalf at creating and craving a calming source of rhythm and rhyme as well as a million other ways of describing and explaining things, even if I really do not actually see myself as all that deep really, aside from what the scribbles do end up saying. It’s been a lifeline, absolutely for me, with the OCD, but it’s also been many, many other things too. A meditation and that’s brilliant because, if anyone needs an extremely suitable sort of headstrong ‘meditation’ going on for themselves regarding their own mind and brain, then it’s someone with OCD. So, it’s a connection to something, you could definitely say. A way to twist it all up and make something maybe even brand new make total sense of itself somehow, just perhaps in an entirely different way to the ‘norm’ or, maybe better to say, the generalised and habitually understood way of, and with, things. There are no attempts at messages or hard hitting quotations from me. Not for a second. I’m not that naive nor certain of myself to even begin to think that all of the quotations and messages haven’t already been written in one style of writing or another and that the rest of it, the depth of it… the real nitty gritty in it all, is up to psychologists or that type of person and profession entirely. To make it make sense for people who might just need it the most. But I don’t need that particular thing anyhow, owing to the fact that OCD really does trump all of it in the first imbalanced place, in that it is extremely hard to take writer’s thoughts about things in life and otherwise to heart, you being far too busy just making learning like mad to make your brain think in the straight line it needs to be able to eventually think in. For me it is all about these… as beautifully as I can determinedly construct them together… sentences. I can’t really take to the word ‘poet’ because its an open ended word and, yeah, it does bring… a certain degree of… general assumptions with it, in terms of what people might gather and think of you. And even what reader’s will expect to read. As in, the sun and the moon and the stars at night really don’t apply to my style of scribbles at all actually. And if they do, only in a jibing kinda way anyway. Really, it was all done in the first place to resurface, and now it’s being done to really turn my choice of art on its head, is all really 😊