She sends herself entirely insane, purposely instigated ’til altogether fair besottedly implemented and at rather ferocious paced free-will


He stands by her trembled shylock side
Brings with it this undeniably snide-eyed ability to be…

Utterly, righteously, quite determinedly, intermittently f-r-e-e

Femme Fatale,
deemed by only ever her truest treasured self to existentially be


The far better parts of a batshit-crazy version settled unforgettably unto unequivocally crucified She

Everybody’s watching her… but she’s looking on through
the lesser parts of medicated You

He smokes a sensuously pressed cancer-stick cigarette…
To set himself off all over again: Just Say The Fuck When


This trepidatious pen has rendered itself ridiculously readied, yet his kaleidoscopic left-hand shall have to be…
Rapturously roundabout steadied

About to get celestial

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