We’ve been coming as far as can… and we’ve even been giving ourselves The Utmost Spectacular Level-of-EVENTUAL-Credit (((for this thing))) / Whenever, really, (in a world-full of addedON adversity) The Scintillating Gesture to Marvellously Misbehave has its own state

Of substantial impact, actually. We’ve been living with legends and ‘living-legends’ In Our Very Own Minds: “right-now.” They (should) TRULY protect the people who’ve been —

Separating themselves for the sake “of something utterly utmost meticulo(US) and if we really want for a thrilling turn-of-events (to event themselves) then we’ll really need to

Come-on-in again and stay regularly UP-TO-PACE with these self-disGRACED, repeat-offending reprobates!” She’s posting posed pictures to the people who cannot even seem to reawaken their

Voices and Souls either-way.” We’ve lost our ( mEandEriNg)).. ) marbles aGa!N and made privacy its very own thing of rested+and+TESTED TESTOSTERONE anyway!!

Angst-ridden and STILL MEANT TO MAKE MEANINGFUL SenSe again… .