Holding her held breath for hostage and hoping for something to bring it all back, needless to say that this has all of it been utterly unaccustomed and she feels next to nothing

Gazumped, thumping her warlord beating and bleeding chest and attempting to find one way out
Matter of mannerly speaking and she finally sees one such immaculate way

Pays to have her ducks in a reconfigured row, toe to toe, brazen-faced is this dishevelled individual with comfortable silence for her very best and trusted friend
They seem to have been speaking about her midst this error-stricken decade – whispering and thinking that they hold the upper-hand echelon of dreams when, really, they are careening to their deathly deaths

And those people will finally need to believe in the real she because it is all about to make undeniable sense

Drenched in bespoke brilliance … yet again
A penny for her intrepid thoughts and she will begin to take the whole world over so soon as it scatters to drop, scatter-crashes atop