Sitting on my lonesome, oh my, how you do shake my entire procedure ’til beating again
My heart’s been bleeding at the shock-absorbed seams, my once so very merry evening’s left on the driest ice known
Then you came on in and stirred my corroded everything like clock-work crazy – rest-assured, this all too considerate soul of ours will stroll back to mesmerising life for the jollified, none too petrified pair of us
When what is sentimentally shorn steps miraculously forth once more, smiles to propose something far damn prettier than that
So soon as we get to tying a red and righteously knowing ribbon right to it
Suddenly fold atop of our own legs and watch what’s miraculously gentrified soar akin to two decades of sordid dreams
Been meaning to amount as I’ve been asking for an agonised lifetime of sorts – sought your bounceback conversation immediately out
Mirror image supremacy
Thank you from the bottom to the thumping top of this instrumentalised pulse again heart – had to start just somewhere
At quickened pace together we slayed these particular demons of ours