Bolstered defences midst nocturnal perceptions, these affable people seem to see something from nothing all that value-oriented anymore, and she still feels a piece of his creative being sell its soul to the deathly devil may care…

These settle-some sonsofbitches that appear to steal our quickening memories away and at wild ‘n’ thickening pace – the insurmountably suggested ADHD is killing thee

S-I-M-P-L-Y, succinctly, downright incredulously, they shall continue to conquer and peer incandescently within our latter day visionary tale of ten times too many people sitting by the outstretched margins of our peripheral vision – have to ask, but is this really well and truly wherein the re-imprisonment guise of a lifetime bristles to breathe? Keeps itself from s-l-e-e-p-i-n-g

Some might twist their kissed ring finger and say it in whispered syllables… kissing the creeping, crawling creature which still sings from sickly beneath

Telling them all that they will need to, need to, need to
Make some kind of populist hay midst sordidly insinuated opinion yet again…

When they finally fail and for one first time at going remarkably against the promiscuous grain… simply fail at failing at sending themselves sellout insane

When the self-serenading sensation fails to find its own hope – lassos itself into near secretive oblivion
Water fallen crescendo rope
And opens itself coquettishly on up to off-kilter opinion, bantering playfully and batting her Newark eyelashes at that daft delinquent with winking stars near his Holocaust eyes – she attempts to meaningfully meander and find the trans-generational, trans-continental divide which shall, and can reprise its role of a strife-time… with some night-loving wine might be awfully n-i-c-e, baby features?

Ohio in the springtime… whilst summertime sleeps significantly cradled aside left itself ceaselessly, endlessly, screaming vivaciously within these incessantly crazed bouts of red-ribboned adultery of theirs

Some people feel that the magic is r-e-a-l – and that it will come at them in reels of unresolved, unsolved resolution some time sooner rather than later, just prepare yourselves to do him one such immaculate favour, savour his sellout flavour…

And invitingly let it snake ‘n’ speak for its gesticulating self ’til left itself suitably indelible again… beautifully rip-torn ‘n’ desirably inscrutable, she is a wordsmith with wandering, ear-swearing weapons near the whistling reaches of her swollen tongue

Which meets the ebullient inner-workings of the fine, fine inner regions of her plain mundane brain halfway –
pained ‘n’ painted ’til left itself beneficially insane, some might say it for themselves this time

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