“Perchance might we share this clandestine dance because I’ve been up all of the night trying, trying, trying my heart out – to intertwine our sweet and merry-go-round on a penny-farthing minds.”

“Soon as my eyes realign with yours, then I simply know… To go… .”

“Take it all away from me, please, because I am beautifully curtailed – the snail-pace, breakneck-speed race has been enbedded oh so majestically within me. Free either way you see to read it.”

“He never wished to be a genius of any kind, but a simple, happy, sweet, sweet, sunny dis-positioned person, carrying with him a thirst for the seems to be, seen to be, inadequately sought out poisonous little things. To flip it one-eighty on its touched head. You be his negative, he’ll turn your mind right the wrong way right. Above ANYTHING ELSE, he is real.”

“When you build your brain back up one delicately prepped step per time – to masterfully realign an age-old irrationality complex. Of a most begging to be released and realised mind. He walks and talks and parties hard up inside of his jaded head.”

“The penny will stop to glimmer atop radiantly drop… Already been amounting to more than we can ever truly imagine. Fantastical penmanship as if ’twere a bullet-laden gun pressed for his head. All of you knew nothing of it, whilst he dined with the cranium devil instead.”

“The memory holds everything in store, and it has managed to encapsulate something from plain downright nothing. This imagination remains painstakingly deep carrying with it a devil-may-care attitude. The plan all along, to rule the literary procedure-list. These poems come to you at breakneck-speed and he sees it all – finally.”

“Pause for no thought”