The death of dragon breath, that dastard and draaaaagged demeanour of his and hers; they were interpreting things which no one wanted to feel, let alONE… See.

It’s eternal and it’s a great gist of GusTeD wind which shifts their territory from.. this to That

To a mad, Bad Restart. It’s been impossible to explain just how much work they’ve entered into divulging with these other people of

Heart stopping intellect. Respect? Who dares care. A state of endless inner bliss, none of anyone’s BUSINESS.

We quite frankly don’t give a shit about their needs. Their utterances of habitual words were —>> not infecting our interjecting souls. “To be able to see:: across the garden and ten years ahead of ourselves really is to’ve been able to

… dIsLoCaTeTheir ocd-brains.. from the rest of these.. true to fOrM people.” We will walk with them and interject to talk with them

While they ceaselessly begin again… to create..

What’s been coming and at A Million Miles A Minute. This is the DEVELOPMENTALseed set to say…

“Their day is our day is a dazed and dutifully conFUSED thing of locational reverberations… .” And with Salt in their soulS and NO SUCH chip on their shoulder…