Out of the absolute heavens, there for all of us to see but we just did not care
Not one bit
In it to win it all
We fall then So. What… we fall!
Picking ourselves right on up to go again, huddled side by side, two dishevilled figurines adamant entirely on taking to the mean streets
Pampered feet
On an oh so early, albeit already what seems to appear to be rather grandiose, ride of a young couples life
Lived rather harshly at first but now there needs to be a thirst going on, one that can equal the rain the pours all round
Fearless grounds soaking it – us – on up
Full to their brim with a pulsating, eerily undulating nature
Stranger than fiction in many a way
We take one another’s hand and embrace, perhaps, or perhaps not for the remainder of our halcyon days