Rain-soaked night in Dublin
Either side of the Liffey Guinness taps a-bubblin’
Outside a pub on the Quays slumped in a puddle
It’s hapless Jack who finds himself in a world of trouble

Puddle reflects his mood
Crowd inside interrupt
But never goes as far as to soothe

No family, no friends
All that he seems to be left with
Are the clothes on his back, a few coins in the palm of his hand
And this sickeningly depressing trend

What he wouldn’t do to be sitting on one of the seats back inside
With a friend to call his own in gaining some pride
Rather than feeling the need to worry about it all
Things cutting far too close to the bone

Christmas time comes around, pubs pouring out
Many a straggler having filled themselves with stout
Jack sitting still with his feet in the snow
‘Til one man kneels down to offer his hand – name’s Joe

Joe sits with Jack, telling him that things will definitely get better
What he needs to do is to find his family and friends
Try to take it one step at a time
But more importantly than that, to remember one thing, to always shine

So Jack took Joe’s words in utter kind, did so much as that