I’ve a random as hell
Friend called ‘Bob’
Who never strays
When it comes to
All things odd
One time
He bumped into two strange girls
Outside a pub
The things they said
Put the conventional way of thinking
To bed
Too explicit to mention
Then there was the time
He took a picture of himself
Alongside a coffin
Had us in stitches
When we saw it on Facebook
He looked like some sort of
Del Boy-esque crook
A loveable fella
Plenty of friends
But it’s just not him
To go with a trend
Mentions a fella called
Cecile B. DeMille
Hadn’t a clue who he was
& neither did our friend Phil
Turns out he’s a famous producer
Like my friend ‘Bob’
A canny as hell word seducer
I like ‘Bob’ a lot
‘Cos he thinks outside the box
One crafty fox
He works hard
Plays even harder
Thinking about it some more
Maybe he’s played the
Perfect cards