Seventy-two of these hostile-mouthed, saber-tooth somebody’s
Critics each to their lambasted, frightfully precise own
Prone to be silly little pretenders, those who cannot tend to take to rather frustratingly preach
Bleeding for my literary worth, they shall have to do indeed
Supposedly so these fair harshened times are crying out aloud to make any kind of a magnificently poised wordsmith difference
To simply say when and to sizeably account to cause them to breathe these each and every particularly peculiarised words
Reminiscently sentimental aside ornamentally upright amidst this manically reasoned rhyme of mine will do just fine
Thank you so very much for the lend of a kind and altogether tellingly elfin ear
To play my intricately suggestive game to rhythmically collaborate along to only ever yours is the ultimate spoken word poet’s dream to be
Perhaps it is high time for you and I to sit and imagine with me