This is too much to bear
And I have come to believe there to be far more than just me getting by on a most inopportune, slightly vacuous wing and a prayer
Those mentally forced against their entire better judgement to spend each and every day sedated to a sweat-ridden bed
Up all the night, flighty as fuck
Rather accepting of this most unnatural misgiving in the first place
Thieving away quite solemnly our perfect existences
One ferociously silenced headache at a most unbelievable time
I am Brian and I will forever wear my particular badge of honour upon my sleeve
You and yours may never, ever get to see it
But rest-assure you may just get to read all about it!
Went in a minnowed fellow and somehow, anyhow, came out the other side a soldier
Trust me, I still spend a fair part of my hardened time fastening that boulder
Never so much as before though
Back then a 24-hour nutcase who wholeheartedly albeit painstakingly strode the line between sanity and it’s far lesser friend, namely insanity
Hand on my heart, right now, by the way that I get to write, I wouldn’t have it any other way
Everything and anything a godforsaken picnic in complete comparison
Bopping my head to the beat of a genius
Namely one L. Cohen

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