You were absolutely over-stepping the mark
Not so much your resilience, that was quite alright, in fact
Rather your utterly negligent attitude
Rude one such word I might like to use
You won’t see it though – they never, ever goddamn do – but you tried to take me relatively asunder
Compliments from the very beginning… eventually beginning to thin oh so crazily all of their own wayward accord
Plied rather carelessly, downright nastily, aside an age-old stigma
A vision, hell-bent imagination, so far from anything verging upon sensational it truly is particularly unruly
You had to do it though, didn’t you? Had to choose your words none too wisely whatsoever
Touching upon my past, a rather proudly destroyed case of unmatched anxiety
Nasty, over-cautious, albeit no such toast all in my honour by the very end
And that is quite alright too, I don’t ever anticipate these rather peculiar occurrences happening
Try and remember… They. Are. Only. Ever. Going. To. Be. Just. Words.
No more, no less
I may have impressed you from the onset yet you somehow, anyhow, managed to toy with it,
Destroy. All. Of. It.
I reckon I stepped back at just the right time
Press Un-friend and go again

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