Concentrated while stereotypically sedated – these 9.0 percent alcoholic beverages will take it wholly upon themselves to delve to the screaming core of your monstrously excitable being, wherein it has all been rather manically stored
Suggestively so, seemingly it is these ungodly a.m.’s that will deceitfully take it upon themselves to kill you above all else, ain’t no such fending that soft touch deliverance off – the surface has been broached and these eyes are beginning to cry again
When the pain meets your veteran mind right by the barbaric middle, reminded on a trembling needle on up inside – it will circle like hell ’til you fall by the forlorn wayside
Bubbled beers hugging one hand, poison-faced smoke-sticks soaking the other, rip-roaring in its individuality, as if, prepared to fucking pour like crazy soon as you offer this taste to your bedraggled face once more
These days are trying to tear you to pieces, each and every next diluted inclusion of yours adding to the overall delusion – twenty-fours hour stints ’til you’re spent
When the conversation is entirely puppeteered, veering on what’s ridiculously unnecessary, contrary a compliment of disjointed sorts for now
Nonetheless, you anoint it all in blasphemous baptism
Trying to reach the moon but burning out by the sun, you get to watch yourself fry in this liquified prison, the metaphorical key hopelessly dependent upon your final decision
Confusion will always play the game, splay your gregarious wits about the place – bone-dry and prying into your momentary everything
No-one can ever call it tame
Can’t you simply see that it’s time to get the balance relatively right

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