I remember when I needed all of you, but he took you right away
Seems I would pay for my arrogant, high-wired, seemingly every single tapestry-driven decision by the honest end
Failed to pay it forward altogether
Madrid and Barcelona meant absolutely nothing to you, did they?
This endless line of seedy and needy groupies, on something of a beestung conveyor belt
First off instigated, then mind-bogglingly created, before being deceptively parcel-wrapped and sent to me courtesy of both heaven and hell, will try and fill my harrowing void either way
No amount of naked and pretty bohemian women with claws on will still my beating high-art heart
A nine-inch whiskey in a roller glass, ice to soak right up my rather agonising demise
Try as it might
Cloaked and daggers, this blasted fender guitar – my last hope – permitting me all kinds of everything next to your constant reminder for nothing
I fret and affably strut through a lifetime which swims poisonously in and around perilous regret
Smoke screens
You didn’t see me when I was falling apart
Trying to stop as best I could before I ever really got to start