He takes a steaming hot mouthful and smiles, for he is about to delve to within a crazy inch
“It’ll be a synch,” or so they do tend to say
“Trust us, you’ll have your day.”
He is prolific, sizeably terrific when it comes a time to shine on a flicked dime, a real eye-opener
Prepared to soak you to the bone, prone to a choking smoke or two halfway through
Few would have it any other way
“Say what you damn well see!”
He’ll be undeniably alone, albeit abseiling to a tremendously telling degree via his every homegrown wit, told to treat this thing just as it is… A Fucking Spoken Word, What Of It!!
You were unequivocally built
Feign genius and they will get to sit relatively still, begin to earmark your supposed absolute brilliance, quench their very own once oh so questionable thirsts
Seems you’re a surefire must
Then we suddenly get to take a step closer to one another and say “remember when he burst upon the scene?”
Not a dry eye, frightfully devout to what’s ridiculously remote
Finally believing himself to be handsome both inside and out for now

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