He created fine HYPERACTIVE etchings which made people’s SOULS-THE-MOST

Predispose themselves and dAncE at the naked-truth that IS the Y-a-w-n of DAWN

And all other mining of MINUSCULE moments of balanced and blameless wherewithal. PLAY-FULL PROcedure, ACTually— 

He etched and sketched and riotously EtChEd(AS REMOTE AS A BROKEN-DOWN BoAt) in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean… … …

All of these MAJESTIC metaphors AMIDST endless COMMOTION which SWIM to bring him … …”home again!”

That synapses chainReActIoN.

And IT brings-with-him THAT sense of ScintilLATEd peace and calmness-of-quietude!!

Be rather RUDE not to GLADLY interrupt upon his artistic SENSE OF soul(purpose)

For one sole minute, a MERE eAgEr milli-second even… an hour, perhaps, OF THANKFUL ENDEAVOUR!

That pause… for mere eager thought he REALLY ought to take 

To rest his weary, tired and terribly torn asunder OLD BONES!!

Rembrandt: One Man: with a second to none sense of 

Radiant-faced concentration, for all of this muscle of MusIcAl notes —

Remotely ready to r-e-a-c-h and SOAR


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