Replace these weird yet rather bearable people, please. Same sane ones that shall tether our nervous strings of the sentimental heart, indeed – playing themselves detrimentally in, up until… Torn wildly apart

Oh art. Where wer’th- when we needed for you to heed-and-create-to-fastidiously-explain

Everything at a snail’s-pace-portrayal? To let yourselves to go jovially wide-eyed and freely against the face of a chosen adversary … Just must

Make this matter so momentous and very solvently soon as when… and then, the weight of our favourite-best, most nauseating withdrawal symptoms painfully starts… at a mighty, mountain-faced meander

Twin-peaked/about To silently both valiantly

Speak: in and about these swirling, whirling, whirring tongues

Of instrumentally rambunctious Ours. Seems we’ve all been walking with these brains been reaching for the ceiling.

Kneels to take accentuated heed and b-r-e-a-t-h-e