Certain requirements which may need to be met
Humour and wit, no doubt
A sumptuous amount of backbone
No-one’s looking for second-to-none here
Hell no… steer clear!
Been there before
I would far rather fierce and steady resilience
Someone who can somehow, anyhow, manage to transform what most will see as a possible knife-edge on into no more, no less than pure and utter common sense
Rather relentless
Impressively speaking, of course, possibly a few necessary tweaks here and there
Where we can meet right in the middle
A perfect din aside an early morning coffee or ten
When, oh when will you start to arrive?
Horrifically narrow skies yet you can prise the life from me – sun-soaked
Choked all too delicately
A cutting time when I look inside of your eyes and get to see exactly what it is I may have been looking for all along
Painstakingly strong
My final swan song

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