They tend to know their own state of dishevelled mErRiMeNt and in a MOST nocTURNally befitting instance

Of instantaneoUS marvelosity and ALL kinds of other recreational and sent-from-AbOvE(or even rather the sEeThInG UNDER-beneath) – fuckK(NO)ws.

As we officially appear to have lost our OWN train-of-THANKLESS-thought, thank… GoD(!!?) HELL NO.

To meet (wit)h their very own singular sense of… wide awake magnetisation.. of said aforeMENTIONED MiGhToFMiNd:

One of a ‘kind’ & (hardly EVER) c-a-l-l-i-n-g OUT OUR ReVeRbErAtInG names, someHOW! “Shame?”

WHO CARES how these peripheral peOPle caress their own bRAinS 🤷‍♂️

Only… some times, and SOME-such-WIDE/EYED Town SHALL ever decide

to shake ‘em ALL Down to their trembling kNeEs- T-I-M-E-S TEN… T-I-M-E-S “please, forgive me!”

For the shape of his NeGaTiVe and accidentally on purPose sins, in-deed..

& precautiously PROCEED
To press them righteoUSlyAgainst: our beating, StAyAWHILE heARTS a fair while… … “Just. Fucking. Smile” 😀

Til it ALL merrily Lends itself UNOFFICIALLY toward… tHIS ultimate and unforgivable feeling

— of tWiStEd and Bliss-InStIlLeD

Creativity. This is meant to be whatever we choose it to have been since the PAINSTAKING BEGinning

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