Sure thing, this rather atrocious moment fought fair animosity
All along
A monstrously alarming amount of pain waning every last being of one such woman – only ever known as perilous
Sliced into her like cheese-wire
The car crash that took her ferociously, rather agonisingly, on back
Sit this particular one out for the entirety of the rest of your life pretty lady
For you made the wrong choice altogether soon as you let those liquor shots parade your bee-stung lips
Indecisive decision-maker catching all kinds of a.m. air
Car sees your wobble, takes terrible aim
Sorry to see you fall so far but there you have it, here you are
And now, a wheelchair to set you entirely apart
As a result you will step on up again one instrumental way or other, create a different kind of art altogether – sidewinder
You true blue ground-breaker you

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