A beautiful blazer to tell the tale
Whilst he attempts as best he can to breathe these simple albeit nonetheless seriously suggestive words in every known direction
Meticulous annunciation to perhaps take it another rung above – a lifelong dream to solemnly remain within their each and every waiting ear – soliloquy procedure amidst amazingly bespoke scripture
The smile has never been so very alarmingly wide as that, so they do tend to all too pleasurably say
He has gained a crazy kind of courage, an unmatched thirst that they may never get to know of
As he holds his roaring spine, he has to ask just how many things he must force himself to align!?
A crying shame that this particular man has been all too relatively tamed, yet there’s no stopping these utter bouts of intricate brilliance – a fantastic ability to never quite quit, these darkened pits of doom are nothing but fair tempestuous hearsay
He holds the frozen cold microphone, as careful as a constant gardener, hones on in and accepts aforementioned nerves coated in pain as though it really were his own – set in altogether paraplegic stone
He will make it because he must
Dust that 1960’s whiskey off my friend, for it does indeed seem as though we’re about to go all kinds of universal

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