Restless and inexpressive, are they.. By way of mannerly Crux nor creative creation = Sinking violet sensation. Her mind has admittedly abstained from most, if not all, of these ulterior things – Way up where, though, heavenly knows until? …Sentimentally shy aside snide-eyed she comfortably relinquishes these passing pretences, whilst all others of these universal eyes – trained precariously back upon She – will stand, state and=stare in readified line—- Attempting as best they shan’t ever manage to handle – til ultimately both untimely brought back

To a promisingly and promiscuously place

Of sudden-most stoic totality when uttermost mercilessly matched withA mildly driven atrophy, namely:All out war, bottom drawer wherein there-in

Do the paralysingly unapologetic letters of her favourite forefathers ‘lie’ = Restless and inexpressive

Bearing the fuller fruits of their poison-faced nature -Theirs was the writer’s beautiful block

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