Informed me not to rhyme
No way, no how!
I mean I could give it a shot
Even if I’m all too prone to missing the literary pot

Sure that’s a rhyme right there
All on its own
I’m like the rather relentless dog with a bone

Asked for some advice from the lady
Who owns the bookshop on the corner
She takes a look at my stuff, offering a wry smile
Tells me to rhyme when humorous, not when serious

So here I am
Not quite sure what’s right, what’s wrong
All too aware of poetry’s pretence
And its out and out ability to destroy my sentence

Sitting with a cigarette and a coffee
I’m ready to go
Screw the naysayers
Can’t we just avoid those literary players

Rhyme or no rhyme
Dime or no dime
I’m fairly confident that the sentences will flow
But only for you, my friend, the ordinary Joe