This appears to be
The all-or-nothing
Anything will do just fine, thank you kindly

To mildly put it would be to say that this has been one helluva bare-knuckle ride, the fright of her young – and now middle-aged – life

All guns a-blazing, she has tasted the pain with no such way back from the unthinkable brink

And oh how her people feel it too

The misaligned mind finds all kinds of preciously slaughtered time

To take what is oh so astutely wonderful and to heap and turn it right by its bleeding head, cranium rather – to rid this one ridiculously redeemable thing would simply be to be…

Insurmountably, unforgettably, oh so very motherfucking outrageously f-r-e-e

This bullet is infused, and she sure-as-shit knows exactly how to matter of spectacular fact use it

Seems she comes bearing everything configured via fundamentally magnificent

From here on in, insanely aware

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