Running on rain only the sun pumps fun sometimes

Anything and any whichever way possible

This thing needs to happen and it needs to be n-o-w
No colour-coding it, no nothing whatsoever
Treasure it all and make it amount
To All Out War – these pretty people have been bleeding

Bleeding themselves dry right by the bleed

Ever seen someone worth something… someone special… bleed right by the bleed?
It’s insane and beautiful, two of those things all rolled deliciously together and all at the one time

They will squirm midst ridiculous handsomeness and tell then beg you to leave them be


To leave them in on the deal of a lifetime, strifetime – and they w-i-l-l swear to do anything… a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g that it takes
To bargain their way out from under beneath their sinful sins

To save themselves as well as their people… because their particular people mean everything social to them

This w-i-l-l amount to everything that We have ever imagined and then paint ten-billion more paintings atop that very visual then that’s e-x-a-c-t-l-y where we’ll be…

Til sizeably insane and blame no-one but ourselves

We are both of us willing ourselves to kill the other person and thirstily, too

And remember, friend, we’re in this t-o-g-e-t-h-e-r and that needs to mean everything since we dreamed of being kids again – tell me, were we though, were we all along kidding ourselves?

Killing the other person midst mounds of momentary interruption, and is it terribly true, too, did I make you insane the minute you lit my flame

Let us now sit and eat conscientious cigarettes… yes?

For I am about to split our luckless wrists – and… spill

Anaesthetise me, please, til bleeding right by the bleed

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