He’s a little lot lost, my boy – yet I cannot find any which way to say how to save him

Both of We have been cauterised from this life
And Room has delicately doomed Us to forever be

Relatively uneasy

He is beautiful in so many mannerisms which cannot make any real sense whatsoever

Because that beast, I fear, is in a piece of him
Attempting to breathe

Perhaps the part where he will scream and stress this mid-a.m. pain onto the pair of We

Of course I love him
No less vilified
A confused circumstantial circumstance and this Man just cannot let this happen to Us anymore

Of course I love Jack, no less stressed

My long-haired Tarzan, man-child wannabe
We shall make the difference while craving for this preciously braced time, twisting and turning my livid brain, until…

A way out makes some sort of crazed belief created imaginatively within

Needs. To. Feel. Real.
These two meaningful, meandering people who mean to live in the real World

Waits for us out there – out everywhere

Momma, I’ve been thinking, and I wanna return to Home

To leave this room which cannot make any real sense whatsoever again

I’m ready

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