You stare in my altogether flamboyantly fastidious direction
Silently trembling all over this God awful and fair distasteful place of ours
They’ve seemingly locked you on in, haven’t they just?
Hellbent upon destroying your rapturous everything
And I’ve come this far to witness our sudden moment of heaven-sent everything
Pretty little cocktails with umbrellas on aside disallowed Marlboro Lights
At snail-pace right by the strewn-out exit might be quite nice
When the forgotten flavour turns out to be all kinds of nice, savour the life right from it, please?
Tease yourself into bountiful submission all over again
So you do realise, you’ve gained my absolute permission
I will stare back at you every single time, seeking rhyme, caressing the very reasoning
Your head is spinning itself into something of a surefire whirl right about now…
And I’ve a tendency to like it that way a helluva lot more
Go on, root yourself to this spot which is justifiably both yours and mine

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