Take me home with you to a place we all remember oh so well
Oh so fondly
Our undiluted, serenely polluted penny pond
Since then It has never, ever been the same
Past beginnings, they came and fell oh so far by the wayside
I cannot go on this way any more
Nostalgic teachings upon how to live again
Breath me in and out once more
Rewind right back to when we boogied ’til the end of time
A beautiful and giving shore of hope, lambasted
Lassoed – flickering moonlight on a rope
Maneuver all that is tragic, cold shoulder magnificence, tense but sober
In the truest sense
No such badge of honour necessary, just an out and out ability to cope and beyond
This our song when everything starts to feel, starts to go, oh so very wrong
Turn those sour improbabilities upside down
Perfectly sounded out
Clap your hands, round up the troops
I will stoop if needs be
You always had me on a loop, coming back for more
Our rip-roaring story continues to shake itself off, set itself loose